Extending the Mast Gate Aft on USA 7611 (Waterat)

by Craig Thompson

Some older Waterats, Hamlins, and Lindsays were built with a mast gate that does not allow for the amount of mast rake that is required by modern tuning grids. One solution to this is to move the mast base forward, but then you begin to stray from the tuning grid which typically calls for 10'-0" from transom plane to aft face of the mast. 

According to Larry Tuttle, the latest built Waterats should have the following dimensions for the back edge of the past gate:
  • bow to aft inside - 81"
  • transom to aft inside - 119"
If you are limited by the mast gate and cannot rake to the extreme aft positions (<24'-8"), it is a good idea to extend your mast gate aft. Below is a series of articles from the Fleet 13 Website on how we did this on JB Turney's Waterat: