Rigging and Project Archive

There is an overwhelming amount of information out there about how to rig and maintain your 505. This page is our attempt to compile as much of this information in one place as possible. Please browse the various sections below for all the latest 505 rigging tips and projects. Please contact the Webmaster if you have an article to contribute or you think should be linked to from this page.

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505 Tuning Information

How a Gybing Centerboard Works by Ali Meller and Larry Tuttle [photo] [pdf]
Waterat Mast Specification courtesy of Waterat Sailing Equipment [pdf]
505 Mast Dimensions, Weight, and Stiffness Data compiled from Selden and SuperSpars manufacturer datasheets

Current Glaser Sails Tuning Grid courtesy of Glaser Sails [pdf]

Current North Sails Tuning Grid courtesy of North Sails Gulf Coast [pdf]

Current P&B Tuning Grid for SuperSpars M2 courtesy of Pinnell & Bax [pdf]
Current P&B Tuning Grid for Selden Alto courtesy of Pinnell & Bax [pdf]

General 505 Rigging Articles

Listing of All Known 505 Builders, Present and Past by Ali Meller and Craig Thompson [photo]
505 History, "Sacré Cinquo! – is the 505 really French?" by Patrick Hay of 1001 Boats Blog [photo]
How a Stuff Luff Jib Works by Ali Meller and updates by Craig Thompson
Rigging a Bare Tube Carbon Boom by Craig Thompson [photo] [video]
Waterat-Style CB Gybe Stopper on USA 7346 (Waterat) link to article at fleet13.org by Craig Thompson [photo]
Double Spinnaker Pole Conversion on USA 7346 (Waterat) link to article at fleet13.org by Craig Thompson [photo]
Broken Carbon Boom Repair link to article at fleet13.org by Craig Thompson [photo]
Rigging a Bare Hull 505, USA 9042 (Rondar) by Craig Thompson and JB Turney [photo]
505 Rudder Fittings 101 by Craig Thompson with input from Larry Tuttle [photo]
Selden Alto Mast Rigging, January 2016 by Jesse Falsone [photo]

Improving an Older 505

Offset Launcher Installation on USA 7199 (Lindsay) by Stergios Papadakis [photo]
Offset Launcher Installation on USA 8012 (Waterat) by Henry Amthor [photo]
Waterat Offset Launcher Installation Instructions courtesy of Waterat Sailing Equipment [pdf]
Centerboard Cap Overhaul on USA 7093 (Lindsay) by Garth Reynolds [photo]
Extending the Mast Gate Aft on USA 7611 (Waterat) by Craig Thompson [photo]
Re-Finish and Re-Rigging of USA 7346 (Waterat) link to article at fleet13.org by Craig Thompson [photo]
Re-rigging and Racing an Older 505 by Ali Meller and updates by Craig Thompson
Trunk Reinforcement for High-aspect Centerboards by Ali Meller [photo]
Trunk Reinforcement for High-aspect Centerboard on USA 7611 (Waterat) link to article at fleet13.org by Craig Thompson [photo]
Installing a Larger Spinnaker Tube on Van Munster USA 8822 by Dave Burchfiel [photo]

Boat Maintenance

Vertical Workshop Dolly by Tyler Moore, Jesse Falsone, and Craig Thompson [photo]
Three Very Useful Tools for Working on Your 505 link to article at fleet13.org by Craig Thompson [photo]

What the Winners Used