Join the International 505 Class, American Section! 

There are four different types of membership Full, Associate, Honorary, and Benefactor:

An active Full Member shall be an owner or part owner of a registered 505. Privileges are to hold office, to vote (with a limit of one vote per boat), to participate in championships organized by the American Section, and to receive class communications. The National Executive Committee will determine the dues for Full Members, which may include differences for junior and family members.

An Associate Member shall be a non-boat owner who is interested in the Class. He or she may act as helmsman or crew in any American Section event and shall be entitled to receive class communications. Associate Members may hold office, but are not entitled to vote in member ballots. Membership dues for Associate Members shall be the same as for Full Members.

An Honorary Member may be elected, by resolution of the National Executive Committee, from among those who have actively supported the American Section. Such Honorary Members shall have the same privileges as an Associate Member, or if a boat owner, as a full member. Honorary Members shall not be required to pay membership dues.

Benefactor Member: This category is reserved for those members wishing to contribute extra funds to the American Section, with the baseline membership starting at $100. All Benefactors will have their name prominently displayed in the sidebar of the Tank Talk webpage for that year, and will earn the adoration of the American Section.

Option 1: Join using the secure PayPal transaction below:

Option 2: Join using snail mail:

If you prefer to pay the old fashioned way, you can JOIN BY PRINTING THIS PAGE and mailing the completed membership form and a check. Please be sure not to leave anything out.

Below is list of current members of the International 505 Class, American Section. Membership is required for all participants in American Section sanctioned events.

2016 Member List Coming Soon