Email Lists

In order to facilitate better information sharing among class members, the American Section has set up a number of Google Groups email lists. These lists should be used to notify sailors of upcoming events, to ask the community about rigging ideas, to help find someone to sail with, and all other 505-related issues. The class encourages all 505 sailors to join these lists so everyone can communicate in a smooth and effective way.

Each list is targeted at a different a group of 505 sailors and care should be taken when sending email to a specific list. A question about a practice session within a local fleet should not go to the North American list but rather the local fleet list since those outside your fleet are most likely not interested. Rigging questions should probably go to a broader audience so knowledge of the entire community can be leveraged. The Forums Section on the International 505 Class Website is also a great place to ask broad questions and start productive discussions. Another place for useful 505 resource is the Sailing Anarchy Dinghy Forum, but be careful who you take advise from there.

To join a specific list, please follow the corresponding link below. You will need to establish an account with Google if you do not have one already. You can sign-up using any email service; Google Groups does not require you to switch your email to Google's Gmail, although you may use this account if you already have one. The sign-up process only establishes your online identity (name and email address) that you want to use for the list. You will only have to do this once and then you can subscribe to multiple email lists using your Google account. Total registration time should be approximately 2-3 minutes.

Feel free to contact the Webmaster directly if you are having any issues signing up or if you are a Fleet Captain and would like to set up a new email list for your fleet. In addition, please notify the Webmaster when your new fleet list is setup so that your list can be added to this page.

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