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You may have heard that 505's are some of the most well-made dinghy's around. Many 505's can stay competitive for an indefinite period of time when well cared for. Some older 505's were not built as well, and may not be worth spending time and money on to get back on the race course. This page is organized in a way to help you determine which boat is right for your own 505 sailing goals. VISIT THIS PAGE for more information on ALL the various 505 builders throughout the years. Also, hull numbers are sequential, and are issued upon initial measurement after the boat is built. The International Site has a listing of ALL hull numbers (0-6999 Listing and 7000+ Listing) with the builder and year of manufacture. The minimum weight of a 505 (weighed with all equipment required for racing except sails) is 127.4kg or 280.9 pounds. Many boats have lead corrector weights (50% located at front of CB trunk, 50% located at rear of CB trunk) to bring the boat up to this minimum weight. Do you have a question about 505's that is not answered by this website? Email and we will do our best to help!

Below is a listing of used boats and equipment offered for sale in the United States. The INTERNATIONAL WEBSITE CLASSIFIEDS also lists boats and gear offered for sale to an international audience. You are welcome to post your item in both places for more exposure. Posting to this page is free for current paid members of the American Section. To post your boat or equipment on the listing below, use one of the following options:

The used boat ads on this page are organized based on the following classification scheme:

LAST UPDATED ON: May 18, 2017

If the add is listed here, it is still for sale as of the date above. Sometimes, sellers do not contact us to remove the ad once a boat is sold. We do our best to keep this page as up-to-date as possible.

Boats For Sale

To inquire about any of the listings on this page, email, and you will be put in touch with the seller.

Year Built - Builder - Hull Number - Location - Price - Link to Photos

  • Description with additional info.

Category 1 Boats

1965 - Unknown Builder/Sail Number - Niceville, FL - $800 - PHOTO ALBUM

  • For Sale: 1967 17' International 505 (fiberglass hull), with trailer. The boat was built in Great Britain and is in average condition for its age. The blocks & ratchet block have been changed over to over-sized Harken Carbo's (all running rigging is new).The boat also includes 2 sets of sails (1 set is new), plus a spinnaker. Contact- Kurt @ 850-897-4439

1978 - Ballenger - 5818 - Pasadena, MD - $1,500 - PHOTO ALBUM

  • Great condition ballenger 505 sailboat
  • Recently restored with fresh paint and varnish
  • 3 sets of sails(jib and main) and one spinnaker
  • Trailer included but doesn't have title.

1970 - Parker - 3266 - Wilmington, NC - $2,500 - PHOTO ALBUM

  • The big "O". Restored in 2007 with trailer. 
  • Proctor mast. Racing sail. Two spinnakers. 
  • All hardware in good-to-decent shape and working order.  
  • Trapezes too (harnesses old and weak-probably need to be replaced). 
  • Weak spot on port wood deck.

Category 2 Boats

1989 - Rondar - 8240 - Portsmouth, NY - $2,900 - PHOTO ALBUM

  • Rigged, water-tight, and ready-to-sail Rondar!

  • Well-maintained glass boat with foam core
    Like new North Sails, one other set of practice sails - two spinnakers
    Galvanized Rapide trailer and custom dolly in very good shape
    Standard board (Milanes & White) and nice wood & glass rudder.
    New Proctor D-mast - barely used!
    Hull & mast cover
    Maststep & partners were rebuilt with custom carbon parts to allow for increased rake.

  • This boat is solid and in quite good shape - the only issues are cosmetic. I was looking forward to giving it some TLC and getting a fast, fun boat. But then I got married. ;) My gain can be your gain too.

  • $2900 OBO - Please make an offer. No reasonable offer will be refused!

  • Located just north of Boston but will deliver anywhere in north of NJ, PA, or Ohio in June or July. Thanks for looking!

1980 - Hamlin - 7201 - San Diego, CA - $3,500 - PHOTO ALBUM

  • Kevlar/honeycomb cored, Epoxy resin, Glass/Kevlar construction.
  • Practice sails, good chute, full covers
  • Rapid w/relatively new Rapid dolly
  • New mast, installed at 2009 Worlds.
  • Rake indicator on bulkhead, barber haulers, auto - release spin halyard, guy pullers, Tacktick included.
  • The boat is setup for a strong breeze.
  • Two HA centerboards, WR rudder.

Category 3 Boats

1979 - Lindsay - 7093 - Mayo, MD - $4,500 - PHOTO ALBUM

  • Past Worlds and NA championship boat
  • Formerly known as: "Recreational Pharmacology" and "Shampoo Effect"
  • HA Waterat blades
  • double spreader 2011 Cumulous mast 
  • Rapide trailer / dolly, carbon double poles, Carbon boom. 
  • Needs partial assembly. (was replacing all non stainless hardware and re-rigging for double pole) was also going to go back to original paint scheme, so some fairing on hull.

1979 - Lindsay - 7067 - Hampton, VA - $4,500 - PHOTO ALBUM

  • Completely re-done in 2003 with many custom features
  • Custom centerboard cap
  • Original launcher boat
  • HA rudder, standard Lindsay rudder, standard waterat centerboard
  • One good set of Glaser sails, additional practice sails
  • Superspar M2 mast
  • Proctor boom with two spin poles (currently rigged for single pole)
  • Top and bottom covers
  • 2004 dolly, no trailer
  • This boat has been inside and dry for most of its life, it needs to be back on the water

1981 - Waterat - 7347 - Toledo, OH - $5,900 - PHOTO ALBUM

  • Nomex/kevlar epoxy construction with oak & mahogany veneer, very stiff, one of four made by Larry Tuttle 
  • Standard Lindsay foils
  • Proctor D mast with spare E section mast
  • 4 mains, 4 jibs, 3 spinnakers (one kevlar main, rest are Dacron, all are in good to serviceable condition.
  • Trailer & beach dolly

1978 - Lindsay/Tuttle - 6821 - San Diego, CA - $6,950 - PHOTO ALBUM

  • Nomex, Kevlar and carbon hull. Mahogany decks. 
  • Completely refurbished in 2016 with the latest set-up including shroud tracks and under deck launcher
  • Twin carbon spinnaker poles
  • Glaser Technora mainsail. Very little use
  • Ullman jib, good condition
  • Older jib, average condition
  • Glaser AP spinnaker, little use
  • Minimum weight 
  • Rapide trailer and dolly

1986 - Waterat - 7773 - New Hampshire - $7,500 - PHOTO ALBUM

  • PRICE REDUCED 04/21/2016
  • Full restoration completed in 2012 including re-rig with new Harken and Ronstan hardware.
    • Mast gate lengthened for more rake, access to mast step enlarged
    • Beautifully finished and functionally rigged
  • 100% Awlgrip professionally applied, Jade Mist Green and White
  • Seldon Alto mast with double trap lines, Waterat pole fitting 2012
  • Composite Solutions carbon boom,  Waterat carbon double poles 
  • Waterat HA 480 CB new in 2012 plus older spare Waterat CB
  • Waterat rudder, aluminum tiller 
  • Very good condition top and bottom covers 
  • Trailer w/new shocks and wheels, dolly has wide knobby wheels 
  • Decent Glaser Radial main, two Glaser practice mains
  • Decent Glaser Jib, plus several backups
  • Good condition .6 ounce North kite, two Glaser .75 ounce for practice. New .75 oz.  Glaser .75 also available… used once.
  • Helm hoist with crew douse
  • Boat is heavy due to addition of launcher, paint and strengthening, but still competitive in local and regional regattas.

1989 - Lindsay - 8190 - Philadelphia, PA - $7,500 - PHOTO ALBUM

  • Hull is kevlar honeycomb, foredeck is Waterat honeycomb. Deck is mahogany veneer, tanks recently refinished
  • Racing sails: North kevlar main, dacron jib, .75oz spi all in very good shape
  • Practice sails: North dacron main, 2 Jibs, 1 spi, good enough for club racing, a few older sails
  • D section mast, one unrigged D mast (has dent but could be used)
  • Waterat standard style blades
  • Single pole system. Spare unrigged tapered aluminum pole
  • Rapide trailer/dolly with new road tires.
  • Top, bottom and mast covers in very good condition
  • This is a nice, stiff boat with very low hours for its age. It's normally stored indoors. Hull and blades are generally in good shape, could use some normal attention. Rigging is good, though it's time for standing rigging to be replaced. The boat is race ready.Hull is kevlar honeycomb

1980 - Lindsay - 7198 - Mamaroneck, NY - $8,000 - PHOTO ALBUM

  • This is your chance to own a 1980 Lindsay bag boat in original condition (meaning gorgeous). 
  • The boat comes with 2 Proctor D masts, Schaeffer boom, numerous suits of sails (including the big kites). Two sets of blades, one original Lindsay and Waterat.
  • New 2009 Kinder covers, New 2008 Rapide dolly/trailer combo.
  • I've not sailed this boat in years. Its not going to be a barn queen any longer. Its going back into circulation now.

1981 - Lindsay - 7318 - Denver, CO - $8,000 - PHOTO ALBUM

  • Kevlar/epoxy resin fully cored, wood deck and interior, weight 282 pounds, Bag boat.  
  • Hull has no soft areas anywhere, strong and stiff as when built.  
  • Rebuilt 1996 and 1999, past NA and I believe worlds champions.
  • Two masts, Proctor D and Ballenger, Spiro system, single pole/spare.  
  • Unless your have other preferences, rigging is complete and ready to  
  • race, fittings are strong, reliable and easy to use.  
  • Unique mast rake and shroud tension system independently adjusts on 
  • the water.  North 3DL main only used at one regatta, nearly new North jib, North spinnaker, rev 6, good condition, numerous practice sails.  
  • Two centerboards, original Lindsay and Waterat, two rudders/covers.  
  • Rapide trailer and dolly with transom light board in very good condition.  
  • Bottom and top boat covers, Suunto compass.  
  • Pump type spinnaker hoist and fast twing changer. 
    • I have owned six 505's since 1966 and this Lindsay boat is by far the best.  I purchased it, famously known as ""Dump Truck"" in 1999, and since then it has been stored indoors.  Over time, the tops of the seat tanks have bee scarred by trapeze hooks but repaired.  Various interior materials show holes caused by rigging changes over time.  
    • Upon receipt of the boat several repairs  were made.  The bottom gel coat was removed but no Kevlar was touched.  The hull was faired as necessary and spray painted with ""Petit"" brand 2-part epoxy paint.  The hull was wet sanded 1000 grit.  
    • Over time prior to my ownership, shroud tension caused stress cracking of the wood deck aft of the bow tank bulkhead.  The underside of this deck area was repaired.  No additional cracking due to shroud tension has occurred since.  The net effects of these two repairs was to bring the all-up weight (ex sails) to 282 pounds with no correction weights, to increase the strength and stiffness of the hull, and to protect the hull from shroud tension damage.  
    • The rig tension and mast rake can be independently adjusted while on the water. Only two control lines are used to make these adjustments.  
    • One line  adjusts the shroud tension, and the other line adjusts the mast rake adjustment without changing the value of the other adjustment.  This is a very effective and easy system to use.  
    • The side tanks and the bow tank are completely dry.  The main sheeting is of the transom type.  The main sail has a leech reefing control, and all the control lines are inside the boom.  The mast strut system has both up and down control to fix the car.   All control lines near the floor are tailed with shock cord so lines are not underfoot.  The spinnaker storage bags are fully functional but tattered and purely for appearance reasons could be replaced."

1987 - Waterat - 8015 - Annapolis, MD - $8,000 - PHOTO ALBUM

  • 1987 Waterat Nomex/Kevlar/Epoxy construction, boat is stiff and on weight
  • Re-rigged in 2008, bow side launcher installed 2009
  • 2 masts; Selden Cumulus with single pole launcher fixture, Proctor D
  • 2 aluminum booms; one with pole launcher and center mainsheet cleat
  • 3 aluminum spinnaker poles, 2 rams
  • 2 Waterat standard jibing centerboards, standard rudder/tiller
  • recent Rapide dolly with front wheel and spare, custom made roll-on trailer to fit dolly
  • top and bottom covers, Tacktick compass
  • 2 mains (North and Glaser), 2 Glaser jibs, North jib, recent North large chute
  • spare parts, old sleeved mast

1986 - Waterat - 7879 - St. Petersburg, FL - $8,500 - PHOTO ALBUM

  • Includes double stack trailer. 
  • 1 dacron north main, 3 Jibs, 2 kites: 1 racing north, 1 ok north, 1 ullman pretty worn. 1 good race north kite, 1 practice kite.
  • 2 D section masts, one unrigged
  • Older waterat style blades
  • Double pole system but all aluminum for maximum skipper punishment.
  • Needs installation of some small rigging systems but most of the major rigging systems are present. 
  • This boat is still stiff. I've put over 450lbs of rig tension on and had zero hull deflection. We won a few events in this boat against good teams in fast boats. It probably needs new blades to really take it to the next level. I left it out over the summer and it filled with water so it has some water damage to the paint. Honestly it needed to be repainted anyway. The bigger damage is that the area inside the launcher by the bow is soft. I would recommend just installing a side launcher. I love this boat and have had so many great memories on her. But no one ever wants to go sailing or help me put in the time to do boat work so I’m going to hand her off. Feel free to contact me with more questions.

Category 4 Boats

1995 - Kyrwood - 8558 - Long Beach, CA - $5,500 - PHOTO ALBUM

  • Carbon Fiber Construction, cored
  • Recently repainted, re-rigged, all new parts and lines
  • twin spinnaker poles, Waterat
  • Brand new spinnaker, Ullman Australia 
  • Multiple mainsails, multiple jibs, multiple kites
  • trailer and custom aluminum dolly
  • 2 mast
  • YMS centerboard
  • Waterrat rudder
  • tacktick compass

1995 - Kyrwood - 8559 - San Francisco, CA - $6,500 - PHOTO ALBUM

  • Equipped to modern standards including twin carbon poles
  • Waterat rudder and 420 centerboard
  • Hull has some carbon reinforcements
  • One decent set of sails and some spares
  • Nice top and bottom covers
  • Trailer and dolly for convenient travel
  • Comes with TackTick micro compass

1987 - Waterat - 8081 - San Diego, CA - $6,000 - PHOTO ALBUM

  • 1987 Waterat Nomex/Kevlar/Epoxy construction, boat is stiff and on weight
  • 2nd 2008 505 North American Championships, Nick Adamson and Steve Bordow
  • 6th 2009 505 Worlds in San Francisco, Nick Adamson and Steve Bordow, 9-2-13-4-4-4-(17)-(14)-2
  • Bottom recently faired and painted, deck needs painting
  • 1 Glaser main (tired), 1 Glaser jib (club racing), 1 Pin & Bax jib (club racing), 3 Glaser spinnakers (club racing), 1 Ullman Spinnaker (club racing)
  • Top cover (tired)
  • Selden Cumulus mast, carbon boom and twin carbon spinnaker poles
  • Micro Tacktick compass
  • Waterrat HA rudder, Waterrat 425 CB
  • Rapide dolly and trailer

2001 - Rondar - 8766 - Annapolis, MD - $7,999 - PHOTO ALBUM

  • 10/31/2016 UPDATE: "Need to sell boat by end of year. Price reduced to $7999 OBO. Will take off $500 if I keep the road trailer"
  • "The Shocker"
  • New M2 Rig in 2016 w/auto twings & crew-launch spin setup, Waterat carbon twin pole fitting
  • Alum. Boom & 1 pole, 1 carbon pole (rigged for double poles)
  • Waterat HA rudder & custom “475” CB, extra old style CB
  • Sails in local racing/practice shape, main/jib/kite
  • CB Case reinforced for HA loads
  • Rapide-style roll-on trailer & dolly
  • Tired top cover, good bottom cover, mast bag & rudder bag
  • Original “The Shocker” foam finger
  • 2015 Rudder mounts filled in & re-aligned and installed
  • Many new systems added incl. skipper pole release lines, CB up & down lines, repeaters, traveler system. Much of running rigging is new, all systems working effectively. Essentially a turn-key boat- buy today, race tomorrow. 
  • Boat will be racing in Bellingham NA’s and potentially available for delivery after event.

Category 5 Boats

2002 - Van Munster - 8813 - Santa Cruz, CA - $12,000 - PHOTO ALBUM

  • Prepreg carbon-honeycomb Hull
  • New Bottom 2010
  • Complete re-rig 2011
  • M2 Superspar new in 2009
  • Spare Gold Spar
  • Waterat HA 480
  • Waterat build in Jibe Stopper
  • Spare Van Munster Board
  • Waterat Rudder
  • Waterat Carbon Boom
  • Carbon Double Pole system
  • 2 Glaser Mains
  • 2 Glaser Jibs
  • 2 Glaser Spinnakers
  • Comes with trailer and aluminum slip dolly
  • Top & Bottom Covers
  • Weight in at 127.8kg at SF worlds

2004 - Waterat - 8853 - Australia - $20,000 - PHOTO ALBUM

  • Topnotch V2 Carbon Waterat
  • Identically rigged to California layout (Hamlin)
  • Tuttle centerboard case woodwork in clear epoxy.
  • Selden mast, carbon boom and carbon twin-pole system

2015 - Ovington - 9137 - France - $25,000 - PHOTO ALBUM

  • carbon hull and deck
  • centreboard and rudder high aspect Milanes carbon with covers
  • Harken deck gear
  • carbon boom and double carbon pole
  • Double spiro
  • Compass Micro tacktik
  • registered boat rated February 2015
  • M2 Superspars with cover (July 2015) complete with automatic trapeze twings
  • P&B top and hull cover
  • custom new trailer Mecanorem with combi, spare wheel and jockey.
  • Trainings sails Pinnel 1xGV Kevlar, 2x jib 2 X spi
  • price € 23 000 complete boat

Donations Sought

Westlawn is seeking a 505 donation for their program. Email for contact information.

Hello, 5o5 webmaster!

Perhaps one of the 5o5s listed for sale can be donated to Westlawn, a 501(c)3 public charity. We will use it “in program” for 3+ years, so the tax deduction is for the full appraised value (and trailers and sails can be separated). Most boat donation programs simply liquidate, which means the deduction is limited to the cash obtained at auction by the donee. We will use the boat, which is good for the fleet of course.

I am in Los Angeles, so a California boat would be good, but we can pick up a boat anywhere.

Donation of Sails sought - One or two sets of sails (Main/Jib/Spin) for a Proctor D sought for donation to the Park City Sailing Association. We're a 501C-3 and recently recently received Waterat #7772 through a generous donation. Sails will be used to give kids the chance to try a high performance boat and the boat will hopefully travel to the occasional West coast event.



Equipment For Sale
To inquire about any of the listings on this page, email, and you will be put in touch with the seller.

505 Sails - Glenville, NY

  •  Mail and jib sail with bags. Good shape. Asking $400. 

505 Jibs - Quincy, MA

  • 2 North Sails 505 jibs new condition. $50.00 ea. or best offer. Will send photos via phone to interested parties. Call Jon 781-917-4070

    Rudder Cover - Bristol, RI

    • We at Kinder Industries have a padded 505 rudder bag for sale. It is a seagull grey color using top gun material...very nice! If interested, please let us know. $75 Call: 401-253-7076

    Equipment Wanted

    The bottom of a roller furling unit in usable condition.  252-636-6115