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Nomination of Graham Alexander for Honorary Lifetime Member

Nominated by Dave Stetson

Jesse, I wish to nominate Graham Alexander for an honorary life-membership in the class.

Graham first became a 5-oher around about 1967 and he has been one ever since. I know only a few on this side of the pond with that kind of longevity in the class. He has owned at least six boats, beginning with a 2XXX series boat; he currently owns two, a 45xx Rondar rigged to race with other classics, and Parker 7685. Not only has Graham been loyal to the class with his presence, he has been one of the class' most ardent recruiters here in the Midwest. Within two weeks of the day I moved to Columbus in 1985, he was in my kitchen pushing me into the fray, getting me onto the boat, and helping me to find a crew slot. He has introduced dozens of people to the boat during the 17 years I have been around to watch.

In addition to recruiting, Graham has been the organizer of the class in Region 3 for as long as anyone can remember. Ki Kaiser and Graham have worked together ensuring a variety of regattas and spreading the word. He was the formal Midwest coordinator for most of the years since 1970.

Graham has been extremely generous with his time helping people to buy boats, helping them to rig them well, and helping to repair them when they broke. He has loaned his garage, his tools and equipment, his hands, and his expertise for fiberglass work, vacuum bagging, and rigging. Each winter, he has taught Sunday-evening courses on racing rules and tactics, crewing and helming skills to groups of local sailors, including newbees and hardened veterans.

Graham has been one of the true fixtures in the class and he has been one of its best public-relations specialists. Through his energy and love of the boat and the class, he has kept 505s in the Midwest and has kept Fleet 17 alive at Hoover Yacht Club. He may not be the most jolly of 505 sailors because he takes his sailing very seriously. It is integral to his core as a person and his love for the class is infectious. Because of his dedication and generosity, I believe he is as close to a life member as one could come.