Nomination of Howard Hamlin for 2004 Dennis Surtees Service Award

Nominated by: Mike Martin and Ryan Cox Presented by: Dennis Surtees

Most of the time when we think about an award for service to a class we think about class officers or people that have volunteered their time in a very broad manner. Howard has served this way in the past by being an international class president but that is not why he deserves this award. Everyday Howard provides service to the class on a much more personal level.

The services that he provides range from straightening a mast, to loaning out his coach boat out free of charge, or letting people use his tools or even his entire garage. If you don't know how to fix something on your 505, you need a tool or a part, who is the first person that you ask?

His services are organizational as well. Howie is always thinking of ways to better himself and always passes what he learns on to the fleet, even if it is one boat at a time. The Long Beach fleet would simply not exist without Howie. Every year howie takes the lead in organizing our weekly practices. A few years ago Team Tuesday was 1 or 2 boats, this year we often see 7 or 8.

Howie has also provided a huge service to the development of the equipment that we use today. 25 years ago he built molds and long lasting Honeycomb Kevlar boats that are still competitive today. Howies funding of the blade development program resulted in production centerboards that cost every one else much less than the developmental price that he paid.

There is no one more valuable to our fleet than Howard. So whether or not he wins this award, next time you see him, just say "Thanks Howie"!