Nomination of Jesse Falsone for 2003 Dennis Surtees Service Award

The Surtees Service Award was dedicated at last year's NA's to commemorate outstanding service to the American Section. The inaugural award was presented to Ali Meller.

It is a pleasure to introduce the 2003 winner of the Surtees Service Award - Jesse Falsone.

As all of you know, Jesse is the epitome of the "go-to guy" for our Class. When a valuable role within the American Section needs to be filled, Jesse has never been afraid to put his money where his mouth is and step up to the task.

In the eight years that he has been in the Class, Jesse has served as both Class Secretary/Treasurer, and President of the American Section.

Upon "retiring" as Class President, Jesse took on the role of Tank Talk Associate Editor, and over the past few years, no one has contributed more material to Tank Talk than Jesse.

Jesse is an incredibly focused competitor who has always found time to pass his knowledge along. After working for years to become one of the top 5o5 crews in North America, Jesse published a compendium on "High Performance Dingy Crewing," utilizing both his knowledge and that of other top NA 5o5 crews. This pamphlet runs 33 pages, and is literally a textbook of how to climb the learning curve for a 5o5 crew. Any skippers out there up to the challenge?

Jesse has set the bar for 5o5 class members, dedicating a superhuman amount of time & effort into making the American Section the solid organization that it is today.

Although he is taking a well-deserved break from the 5o5 and cannot be here today, let's have a big round of applause for Jesse.

Ted Ferrarone