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Dennis Surtees Service Award

About the Award

The Dennis Surtees Service Award was created in 2002 as an annual award to honor 505 sailors who have distinguished themselves by providing outstanding service to the 505 American Section. The award was conceived by then president, Jesse Falsone. Jesse said, "The American Section is now 45 years old, and there should be a service award to honor the people that have freely given their time and energy so that Americans could continuously compete in the best sailing dinghy the world has ever known. For decades, Dennis Surtees optimized 505 sailing in the United States both with his performance and his contributions to the class. Dennis represents everything that was and still is great about the class and it's leadership, and it gives me great pleasure to commission this trophy that bears his name."

The Dennis Surtees Service Award shall be awarded annually at the International 505 North American Championship. Winners of the perpetual trophy shall keep the trophy in their possession for the period from the award date until the following North American Championship. The current winner shall assume responsibility for the award, and shall ensure safe passage for it to the North American Championship. The winner is also responsible for the inscription of their name if it is not already on the trophy, but may be reimbursed by the class for the cost of the inscription, assuming the cost is reasonable.

A nominating committee shall be formed a few months prior to the North American Championship. This committee may consist of the American Section President, Vice President, Secretary, Measurer, and Regional Coordinators, and Dennis Surtees, but may be revised at the discretion of the American Section President. However, the nominating committee shall consist of at least three individuals.

Nominations should be sought through general announcements on the Internet, over email, through Tank Talk, and through personal communications when the nominating committee is formed.

All nominations MUST be in writing. Nomination letters should adequately describe why the nominee is deserving of the award, and specific examples of the nominee's service should be cited in the letter. The nominating committee shall not accept nominations that only include a name, or a name and a vague description of service.

During the awards ceremony, either the winning nomination letter should be read to the membership, or some words should be spoken to express what that individual has done for the class so that their accomplishments are dutifully recognized.

Jesse Falsone President, International 505 Class YRA, American Section (2000-2002)

2014 recipients Jay and Pease Glaser at the North Americans pre-event clinic in Santa Cruz, CA


 Recipient Year Nomination Text
 Ali Meller 2002 Nomination
 Jesse Falsone 2003 Nomination 
 Howard Hamlin 2004 Nomination
 Sue Athman 2005 
 J Bergquist 2006 
 John Wyles 2007 
 Michael J. Renda 2008 
 Tyler Moore 2009 
 Dave Ellis 2010 
 Mike Holt 2011 
 Aaron Ross 2012 
 Macy Nelson 2013 
 Jay and Pease Glaser 2014 
 Paul Von Grey 2015 
 Bryan Richardson 2016 
 Jesse Falsone 2017