Nomination of Wheeler and Mais for 2004 Dave Cahn Trophy

Nominated and presented by: Mike Martin

The Dave Chan award goes out to the individual or team that expresses sportsmanship in the unique way of 505 sailing because they love 505 sailing. The award is not necessarily for the guy that wins all the races, but the guy you would most like to have a beer with at the end of the day.

These guys fit that description perfectly. They both came into the 505 picture from illustrious lead mining careers. After the first day of proper breeze in a 505 they were hooked. Since then they have enjoyed attending many of the events in northern and southern California. At the end of the day they are always thrilled with whatever they experienced and learned on the water. They are always willing to lend a helping hand despite the fact that they are usually involved in some major repair project themselves. It is always a pleasure having these guys around both on and off the water and we would all have more fun if we adopted their attitude. That is why this year the Dave Cahn award should go to Brad Wheeler and Bill Mais.