Nomination of Paul Von Grey for 2003 Dave Cahn Trophy

As most of you know, the Dave Cahn trophy was created in 1998, in memoriam of Dave Cahn, and his special brand of sportsmanship. Past winners have included Eric Willis/Wendy Herzburg, Barney Harris, Dan Merino/Bill Jenkins, Henry Amthor, and in 2002, Stuart Park.

Please give a big round of applause for the winner of the 2003 Dave Cahn Trophy: Paul Von Grey.

Paul's nomination for this award was so excellent, that we will just read it to you:

"I would like to Nominate Paul Von Grey of the Pacific Northwest Fleet for the Dave Cahn Trophy. Paul has virtually single-handedly (no pun intended) been the motivation for the resurgence of the 505 fleet in Washington. He has helped push attendance at regattas from an average of three boats to a recent high of 16. He regularly rounds up sailors following races to debrief on successful and unsuccessful strategies and rigging tips. He serves as the unofficial parts warehouse for most of the sailors in Washington and probably has contributed parts, time or rigging advice to a majority of boats in Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia. He helped obtain a container of highly competitive boats that have raised the quality of racing dramatically. Whether you are a current 505 owner who needs to locate crew or a prospective 505 competitor who wants to go for a test ride, Paul is the guy who helps make the connection. He successfully poaches new 505 sailors from other fleets at regattas and every new sailor in the local fleet has probably been pointed to Paul as the guy to talk to about 505's.

The Pacific Northwest fleet is a knowledgeable, friendly and helpful group of people and the description above could apply to every person in the fleet, however, no person embodies all of those qualities as completely as Paul."

Let's give another round of applause for Paul Von Grey!!

Ted Ferrarone