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Dave Cahn Sportsmanship Trophy

About the Award

The Dave Cahn trophy was created in 1998 to remember Dave Cahn and his brand of sportsmanship. The Dave Cahn trophy is a large half model of a Lindsay 505 hull mounted on a large plaque. The names of the annual winners of the Dave Cahn trophy are on small plates mounted on the plaque.

Remarks by former International 505 Class President, Ali Meller from the first presentation of the Dave Cahn Trophy at prize presentation for the 1998 505 World Championship.

A little less than a year ago, many of us were racing the 505 Worlds in Gilleleje. We were enjoying the racing, and enjoying the camaraderie the 505 class is legendary for. One of the 505 sailors who was in Gilleleje, who wanted to be here with us in Hyannis, was Dave Cahn. Tragically, Dave died in December while racing his 505.

Dave was the perfect gentlemen on and off the water. I never heard him raise his voice, never saw him try to pull of any questionable move. He raced as hard as he could, but was always within the letter and spirit of the rules. I wish I was more like him.

At this time, and at the request of many of Dave's friends in the class, I would like to ask you to raise a glass in toast to Dave Cahn.... Dave Cahn...

Many of you have seen some of the e-mails about Dave from his many friends in the 505 class. While I was racing the Europeans and the Lake Garda European Cup event earlier this year, conversation with 505 sailors frequently turned to Dave. It amazes me how many people remember Dave, and recall laughing with him; somehow we were always smiling or laughing when we were with him. For many of us, Dave was the person we most wanted to be standing next to at the bar after a 505 race.

I think it important to note that in the 505 class we do not only respect the winners. Dave probably never won a 505 regatta in his life, but he was respected and admired by many in the class, none-the-less.

A number of 505 sailors believe that Dave should be remembered and honored within the 505 class. After some discussions this trophy - the Dave Cahn Sportsmanship Trophy - a perpetual trophy was created. The trophy is for the Dave Cahn brand of sportsmanship. All American Section 505 sailors are eligible. Donations to cover the material costs of this trophy have been received from around the 505 world. This beautiful trophy was created by Guck, Inc. which has donated the time to build this trophy.

Nominations for the Dave Cahn sportsmanship trophy for each year are sent to the American Section secretary, reviewed by a committee, and voted on by American Section members at the American Section Annual Meeting.


 Recipient Year Nomination Text
 Eric Willis / Wendy Herzburg  1998 
 Barney Harris  1999 
 Dan Merino / Bill Jenkins 2000 
 Henry Amthor  2001 
 Stuart Park  2002 
 Paul Von Grey  2003 Nomination
 Brad Wheeler / Bill Mais 2004 Nomination
 Sol Marini 2005 
 Jason Bright / Mark Dowdry 2006 
 Mike Holt  2007 
 John Wyles  2008 
 Dave Burchfiel  2009 
 Macy Nelson / Parry Barclay  2010 
 Ted Ferrarone  2011 
 Bill McKinney / Stine Cacavas  2012 Nomination
 Dustin Romey             2013 
 Pat Diola 2014
 Tom Kivney 2015 
 Paul Pihl 2016 
 Pierre Jeangirard 2017