Welcome to the International 505 Class, American Section

The 505 is the ultimate high performance dinghy. Designed in 1954, the rules for the hull shape and sail plan have not been changed to this day. The boat performs well in all wind conditions. From the lightest breeze all the way up to a 30 knot smoker; the 505 is a joy to sail.

Length: 16'-6" (5.05 meters)
Beam: 6'-2" (1.88 meters)
Weight: 280 lbs (127.4 kilos)
Sail Area:    main 132 sq. ft. (12.3 sq. m.)
          jib 53 sq. ft. (4.9 sq. m.)
          main & jib 185 sq. ft. (17.2 sq. m.)
          spinnaker up to 290 sq. ft. (27 sq. m.)
Crew: Two people, one trapeze; 320-400 lbs (145-180 kg) optimal combined crew weight

Hulls are built using the best materials and craftsmanship available including fiberglass, Kevlar and carbon fiber laminates and fully cored construction. This results in boats that last decades, not years. The best quality boats built with honeycomb core and epoxy resins have a competitive life of over 30 years! For this reason, there are many older used boats that can still compete at the highest level.

In addition to great local and regional racing, the American Section hosts three major championships each year: East Coast Championships, Pacific Coast Championships, and North American Championships (in conjunction with the Canadian 505 Class). The marquee event for the 505 Class is the annual open World Championships which consistently draws 100-180+ boats!

Please explore the website and learn more about what the 505 Class has to offer. The best way to go for a test sail or to find out more information is to contact your Regional Coordinator or local Fleet Captain. If you can sail a laser, you can have a whole lot more fun sailing a 505!

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